Event Aesthetics of KKCG VIP Festival Party 2018, Karlovy Vary

All events for KKCG are the most exciting ones - the client is expecting the superior quality of event concept and new surprising ideas in all areas of event.

This time, we converted the Mill Colonnade in Karlovy Vary into the magical garden where we placed one of the most friendly and stylish party during International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2018.

Exciting decoration contained hundreds of blossoms, moss flats, moody posters and a lot of small touchy details supported by wireless led lights turning the public space into cosy lounge club.

The show started with epic animation presented on 12 LED panels dividing the private party with the street, followed by acrobatic performance, incredible singing of young talented Tereza Mašková, dress mapping and we can not forget the horses. 

All these particles of show were directed into emotional peak when the acrobat flew through the colonnade hanged on helium ball. 

Everything was supported by custom made projection and high-quality sound system.

Anyone can produce events.
We curate them.

Functional Aesthetics

Our events are flawless, there are no logistical hiccups, or badly planned spaces, or cues of people. All parts are sensibly orchestrated.

Strategic Aesthetic

Events create memories and deliver messages, we help to craft them and bring them to the right audience at the right time at the right place for maximum impact.

Experietial Aesthetic

We don't create party themes, we design immersive experiences built around ideas that can be translated into most stunning executions.

Visual Aesthetics

We pride ourselves as creators of the most tasteful designs inspired by minimalism and scandinavian concepts, curated to fit your brand.

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