Event Aesthetics of Microsoft's and KPMG's  DOTS conference in 2017

There are two ways hot to design and properly execute business conference that has to stand out of the many conferences taking place. Either you focus on show-off and you move the attention of guests to dancers, laser shows, catering or incredible scene designs worth thousands of Euros. Or the focus of yours lays in content and entire conference stay minimalistic. Our long term approach is obviously the second way, but using the Event Aesthetics methodology we were able to deliver unforgettable event in all aspect and not become ostentatious.

Events create memories and deliver messages, we help to craft them and bring them to the right audience at the right time at the right place for maximum impact.

We pride ourselves as creators of the most tasteful designs inspired by minimalism and scandinavian concepts, curated to fit your brand.

Visual Aesthetics
Strategic Aesthetic

We don't create party themes, we design immersive experiences built around ideas that can be translated into most stunning executions.

Our events are flawless, there are no logistical hiccups, or badly planned spaces, or cues of people. All parts are sensibly orchestrated.

Experietial Aesthetic
Functional Aesthetics

Anyone can produce events.
We curate them.

We in Select Agency took care of all functional, strategic, experiential and visual assets of the event. 

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